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what a curious feeling

26 February
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Those present say the Casetta was born with a 45 of “Louie Louie” in hand and was whistling the B-side “Haunted Castle" when his mother finally got him out of the womb. Inside of six months he was talking, and a month later writing vicious hate mail to NBC programming executives.

Over the years, Casetta would be a guest on films, television series, and radio programs, but his greatest success would be in his most natural role: “Walkin’ Talkin’ Music Geek Record Hound”.

Working constantly both within his occupation and without it for many years, Casetta was exhausted and dehydrated. In 1993 he disappeared completely, leaving the public shocked and bemused. Rumors that he had died were unfounded. Casetta had rendered himself unfindable. People attempted to go about their daily routines, but the world had a hole in it that even junk science couldn't explain. Then Casetta returned.

The friendly, recent past plunderering, active activist, pacifying pacifist, mod modern human humanist, eccentric, creative, slightly insane kind of person has occasionally been know to emerge from his Dionysian temple filled with many vinyl recordings, CD's, the cult films by the likes of Roger Corman & Russ Meyer, fine drink and swell food.